About me...

Who am I?

I've been to some amazing places in my 50 years, but I haven't always had a camera with me. I even went through a phase in my youth where I thought that carrying a camera would present an obstacle to my experiencing the world around me.

While this is true to a degree, I notice that what I remember now isn't as tack sharp as it could be. Fortunately, I did take some images along the way...and I'm going to take a lot more from now and share them with whoever's interested. You, maybe?

I describe myself variously as a recovering academic, a recreation consultant, a leisure theorist, a stay-at-home dad, a husband to an incredible woman, and as a photographer.

Some of my first memories are of photography - the 8mm family movies that my grandfather was a bit obsessed with showing us. The 35mm slides that told the stories of my father's time in the Navy - stories he never told us himself. (Not that he had any traumatic experiences...it looked like a great time to me.)

I pursued a bit of photojournalism training while I was at University, but I didn't follow it up. Perhaps it was the cost of film and processing or, perhaps, I didn't believe in myself as a photographer. I have heard a voice from a long ago professor reminding me: "Just f8 and be there."

So that's what I'm doing. I've camera in hand and the plan is to 'be there' and capture the images that distract me. I hope you'll enjoy the show.

-- Shayne

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